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Part 240: Sauro - Turn 76 (A)

Turn 76 (A)
In which I pander to the readers in greater detail than ever before.

- Schneeble/Sauromatia
Okay, we can spend time going over crap that nobody cares about or we can address the growing problem that is supercombatant names. When I asked you guys who wanted to be a tarrasque I really did not expect as many responses as I got. My nature income is not high enough to sustain the kind of tarrasque summoning that would be required to make everybody a corgi-dragon. I did summon some things this turn, including this guy:

Fire magic and a little bit of Earth and Death, fine. Solid stats, including a fair bit of HP, good. Fear +5 (+6 in this case because of the Death magic) is always nice. He's immune to fire and poison but very susceptible to cold (he takes 150% damage from cold sources). He's a magic being who doesn't need to eat and he generates an aura of heat (7, so it's not as big as the Fire King who has 51). He's ethereal, which is always a nice defense. He can fly (he only has mapmove 2 so it's slightly less useful for raiding but still great for battles), he has Fire Shield 10 (meaning that anybody who attacks him takes 10 armor piercing damage) along with perfect darkvision and Fire Power 1 which increases his stats by 1 per heat scale or something similar.

I also got one of these:

You'll note that it isn't a commander. Don't expect me to go out of my way to turn many Tartarians into commanders, either. Without Gift of Health or the Chalice they are likely to pick up the Feebleminded affliction when they are turned into commanders and for some reason healer units like the Faerie Queen can't clear those. Feeblemind caused by a failed Mind Hunt, yes. Caused by being a dead god whose mind has been broken after centuries or torture, no.

Of course it would be extremely amusing if somebody chimed in at this point to tell me I've been confused about the finer points of Tartarian healing all this time. Anyway they still make solid blockers because they are size 6 bags of hitpoints that cause fear, and that's probably what I'm going to do with them.

Where I'm going with all of this is that I ended up with more folks asking to be big endgame fighters than I had actual endgame fighters. Since none of my commanders are in the Hall of Fame I am free to rename everybody, including the Daughter of Typhon and the Elemental Royalty. Given all the interest that is exactly what I'm going to do. I will keep the list of who is what here in thread so we can all keep track together. This kind of disclosure isn't going to ruin the game already in progress because my enemy already knows what I have, or at least what I have at this point in the LP.

I would like to have posted more of my actual turn but my son wakes up so early now that I don't have the time that I once did. I have serious doubts about whether or not I'm going to make that last Irrational Objective. Later I will post the rest of this actual turn, including the map.

So here we go! If you don't like the badass I've assigned you then feel free to request a transfer. I'm sure I can work something out, unless you are Ghost Slug or Proteus in which case the suffering of your pixelman brings me joy.

Zmey - Beeswax
King of Flames - Ardeem
Ember Lord - Sir Phoebus
King of Mountains - Snowballen
Granite Cyclops - rzal
Great Kraken (F/A/W) - builds character
Great Kraken (A/D/B) - Zom Aur
Queen of the Sea - Griffen
Queen of the Deeps - Rawkking
Daughter of Typhon - Lilli
Wendigo - DivineCoffeeBinge (seriously you can have whatever pixelmonster you want)
King of Deeper Earth - niggapolis
Queen of the Lake - srb
Wraith Lord - Leperflesh (if I end up with a Tartarian commander I'll give that to you, also I was seriously tempted to call you Leperfish)
Tarrasque - LLSix
Soothsayer - Ghost Slug the Fairweather Johnson
Soothsayer - Proteus4994 the Gambling Addict

Not Yet Assigned - Pladdicus, How are u

EDIT: Corrected Zom Aur's spelling.