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Part 64: Turn 55 Charts and Graphs

For one turn, Mictlan was beating me. I've taken the lead again, though, and I've taken the lead from Ulm as well. Mictlan is trying to pass Ulm, and Man is creeping up rapidly from the bottom.

Everyone else is pretty much getting obliterated. Jomon and Gath, the tan and gray lines at the bottom third, are the only other human players left, and at this point they're pretty much irrelevant to the game unless they make some real fast alliances. C'tis is making a truly entertaining turnaround, but everyone else is going down steadily.

Keep in mind I haven't actually built a fort since Carnag, so many turns ago. All the rest of those forts were captured.

Even Man is starting to slow down with fort spam. Ulm's pulling a huge number of forts out, but that's just the AI being the AI.

I can see you from here, Ulm!

No big surprises. Mictlan is trying to catch up, but I don't think they rely as much on money as I do anyway.

Mictlan is doing a lot of sitesearching all of a sudden . . . either that, or capturing a lot of territory from nations that already sitesearched. Man is doing a bit, and that casting of Mother Oak is contributing a substantial fraction of their gem income.

I think I'm first-place now.

Jomon is obviously completely screwed and is pretty much hanging in solely by virtue of not having lost yet. As mentioned, the second-place research human is Gath.

I don't quite know where Ulm's dominion is coming from. It's quite extensive, and Pythium is about to be domkilled, although Pythium is also about to be just normal killed as well. Is Ulm spamming temples like fucking crazy? Maybe! Who really knows! I'm still butting up against T'ien Ch'i's Dominion, but once that goes away I should expand fast.

In any other game, this would be extremely worrying. In this game, it's reassuring - there's no useful way to increase your army size like that. Nope, that's all crap. Hundreds and hundreds of crappy, crappy units.

As usual, other analysis is appreciated.