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Dominions 3

by ZorbaTHut

Part 86: Turn 74: With A Whimper

Mictlan's magicians are attacked by strange astral energies, slain with no chance of response.

Their army, devastated by a hellish storm of ice and fire from the skies.

Arco's powerful undead wraith demigod smashes his way through Hell, slowly but inevitably making his way back to the warfront.

Their rampaging titanic demigod escapes Mictlan's cunning trap, teleporting elsewhere in Mictlan's territory and wreaking havoc anew.

And in the center is Mrs. Butterworth herself, pulling unheard-of amounts of astral power from the very fabric of reality, growing more powerful and more unstoppable every day.

Mictlan's God abandons them in despair.

The world is Butterworth's.