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Part 87: Turn 74 Charts and Graphs

Let's get this one out of the way first.

Mictlan's territory started dropping basically the second they met me, and except for two one-province reclamations, didn't stop dropping.

Man is slowly crawling upwards, mostly at the expense of Ulm and Gath, from what I can see. That's kind of an obvious thing to say because the only other races in the game with provinces left are me (and I'm not losing any territory to Man) and Jomon, who - as sad as it is to admit - is taking territory from me.

In any case, I'm as large as Man and Mictlan put together right now.

My Anti-Man Wall has vaulted me above Man in fort count, along with capturing from Mictlan. I'm actually kind of surprised to see that both Atlantis and Midgard are technically still in the game, but I think that's one sieged fort each.

I'm not entirely sure what caused this meteoric rise in income - capturing tasty provinces from Mictlan is certainly part of it, and I suppose the rest is spreading my dominion over T'ien Ch'i's, C'tis's, and Midgard's space. Presumably this would skyrocket further once Midgard actually died.

Similarly, this is mostly thanks to just conquering a shitload of territories, as well as stealing Well of Misery and doing more sitesearching. I've mentioned it before, but I'll mention it again: if I'd continued sitesearching on my own I'd probably be even higher.

Arcane Nexus isn't counted in this chart, nor are my clams, so my real gem income is far higher than shown.

My research is leveling out simply because I no longer have much left to research. I find it interesting that Mictlan's is dropping - I'm guessing they were cannibalizing research mages to fight me, or possibly just getting them sniped by Mind Hunt, or possibly both.

Atlantis is doubtless still frantically researching with its invincible monolith.

This is partly thanks to me pushing temples hard, and partially thanks to eliminating C'tis and T'ien Ch'i to let my dominion run free. I honestly didn't notice Mictlan's low dominion until I did the LP - I probably should have been tossing up temples a province or two behind the warfront, just to threaten a domkill.

Ulm really has an impressive dominion there. I wonder if they took Dominion 10 scales.

I know, I know, "army size is meaningless", but aside from a few packs of siege-fodder Slingers remember that I haven't been recruiting trash units. Those are almost all Hoplites. This late in the game they're rather squishable, but they're certainly heavy enough to hold jaguars back for several turns while my mages pound them into paste. And properly buffed they make a nice armor wall.

(Still not done, stick around!)