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Part 7: Turn 6

Turn 6

And we're back in business!

gonadic io posted:

I know I've previously decried how bad generic amphibious troops are but there's 25 of these bad boys who also have nets and they'll easily cut through their number in militia.

Good news I did win this fight with the amphibious mercenaries and gained access to the lake. Bad news:

Are you fucking kidding me. They were militia!

At least my other expansion went well, taking 3 provinces this turn with minimal losses

I'm not going to go so detailed into these battles as I did before but note the druid friendly firing one of his guys and two militia making it all the way to the thirteenth clown Febrile And Wiry, only to have this happen:

Turns out that even small clowns are pretty good against humans! One reason that the larger bless is so nice is that it makes regular ol' clowns size 3 so that their comically large kicks work on size 2 people i.e. most troops.

We also got to see Fennoscandia's troops in action this turn including their bless. Looks like they've got a decent sized force and those trolls are one shotting militia too. Their bless is 15 shock res, 15 poison res, poison weapons, 4 defense, and 4 strength. The poison resistance is great for their foul vapour mages, the shock resistance is never bad but the defense and poison weapons and strength looks like they're trying to make their cap sacreds work. I do NOT think that's a good idea for reasons I've spoken about previously. We can see some more of their dominion too, they are running order, sloth, death, luck, and magic. Just imagine if they didn't have water or earth bless, or only 4 nature, and instead had growth scales! Earth is nice to have on a pretender when you don't have access to it but the water seems wasted to me.

On our west side we've found U's capital as discussed in the chatlogs last turn. Our clown force is actually going to take one of their cap circle provinces, Haerdalas' Grove, this turn again hoping for a bump. As soon as we kill one of the expansion parties of our neighbours we'll be free to take their cap mostly without resistance (or at least that's the theory). I'm a little less inclined to do it to U since they're already fighting Karanaac but I'll take a cap if I can. You can also see a throne province with 130 bear tribe (Marj's Timberland) and another one with 60 cynocephali in (Dragon Dreamcatcher). These dog-people actually berserk (unlike barbarians) and I'm not keen to go into either one of these with just 5 clowns.

Over on the east side the lone merc leader is coming back. I'm only keeping him alive to maybe get somebody else to bid on him but I think actually they just disband so I probably should have suicided him as punishment for being so shit. Our force of unicyclists lead by the Emerald Impaler are heading north into Maybe Mountains since I can't go any more east.

You can see we've also met Anglia the other side of Fennocandia, and I start discussing plans to kill Fenno immediately. Anglia are a mostly human nation so will get absolutely wrecked by foul vapours and we agree that Fenno needs to be taken out before they can become a real threat. Luckily they are restricted to just their cap circle so it looks like they've had some pretty poor expansion.

I'm actually feeling pretty hemmed in with some of these huge provinces and thrones that I don't want to risk trying for. Just look at that southern throne in the caves! Killing a neighbour would be easier honestly. On the other hand all this trying for clashes with other expansion parties is making me feel like a bit of a bully