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Original Thread: Modded Dominions 5: Hey man nice mod. For a clown to play, at the circus.



Welcome to Dominions 5: the game that is the most sagatious of sagas, the most epic (in the time sense) of epics (in the story sense), and the most confusing of confucianisms.

This time we're doing something a bit different with a game full of modded nations! You may have heard that one of the strengths of Dominions 5 is how easy it is for anybody to make a mod and this is a showcase of 10 of them. The downside of dominions modding is how easy it is for anybody to make a mod. Balance? Tone? Theme? All entirely gone. I am playing the clown nation Kirkostaculis made by goon Mu and the other nations in the game are: praying mantises, trolls, frost ghosts, feet, rocks, djinn, Brits, ants, and illusions. We'll see them in more detail later.

There have been a good number of Dominions 5 LPs (including two vanilla ones ongoing) so I won't retread too much ground here. In short it's a strategy game almost like Civilisation, if Civilisation was written by two Swedish teachers in their spare time over 15 years who threw every myth, religion, and quasi folktale in and made them all duke it out in an arena. Faux Vishna wrestling with Faux Queen Titania and a thousand skeletons while Faux Bat-Jesus sacrifices hundreds of virgins in a ritual which steals the sun.

Two massively geared lategame super experience super powerful thugs square off.

Rain down meteors to obliterate your foes. These elite troops are blessed to allow their friends to take some of the damage for them but that works less well vs 999 damage rocks.

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- Ramc's

Games thread


Please, no game spoilers in the thread and I'll be introducing the other nations as I meet them. The game is still ongoing and 50 turns in at the time of writing. Apart from the nation mods, there's also SILT which nerfs immortal summons and Pretenders Enhanced, which adds a bunch of new ones and gives recuperation to most vanilla ones so they don't just get crippled to shit over the course of the game.

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Imagine being a militiaman, proud to be defending your home against these false gods who want to sacrifice your daughters and feed all dissenters to wolves. "I can do this", you think, as you recall the long minutes spent drilling with your comrades in the traditional militia maneuvers of spear poking and routing. You're still a bit nervous of course, you've heard all sorts of grisly rumours about the forces stirring anew in the world. Dwarves leading herds of stoneskinned cats into battle to eviscerate their opponents, ever-smiling plant creatures who annihilate whole armies with solar-powered beams and hordes of rotting undead slavouring for blood. Thankfully, you're not up against any of them today. Instead, your foe is... large, bright and humanoid. You and your comrades stand fast, even in the face of their strange honking cries and baffling pre-battle calisthenics. Then, as you grit your teeth and ground the butt of your spear against the enemy charge, a pie thrown with the force of a small avalanche splats into you and reduces your whole upper body to a squishy mess of blood and delicious cream.

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