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Part 43: Turn 35

Turn 35

First in the turn we see that Anglia has put up Riches From Beneath. The global isn't the most impactful ones out there but it's still a decent way to turn earth gems into money.

I don't know what Karanaac's AI was thinking with this attack on the clowns stuck without a commander. Sure they couldn't move out, but with just 1 point of PD then the autogenerated leader would be enough to let the clowns destroy the ogres. I'm just glad that the commander that I bought managed to survive the fight - since he turned up this turn I had no opportunity to script him.

Meanwhile we go stand on Karanaac's second-last fort. I mean we don't really care about it but it's a farmland with over 100 income and we really should make the effort to finish off Karanaac. At least the fort has nothing in so our 40 clowns break the gate down instantly.

Talking of Karanaac, the population make their dislike of clown rule pretty clear. I guess they just have no sense of humour in these parts.

As for events, this one always makes me laugh even if it doesn't matter much.

As mentioned we're just going to storm the Karanaac fort instantly it's really unlikely that they have anything inside. We just need to not get stuck on that one rock on the walls again.

Still no sign of that mantis force coming to fight us so we split our forces to take the empty provinces faster.

One of the forces consists of just Absurdo here! He never got to smash up any rocks but he's on his way north and then might be able to help with Karanaac's last fort - the one with all the sea dogs on.

You can also see that on their throne the mantis AI has taken to summoning Crushers? What? They're one of those summons I've literally never seen a human player take - if you need siege strength then there's much better ways to spend your earth gems - grubs being by far the best one.

On the east side, nothing really much is going on. Anglia have large forces, lots of gems, and their mages are at a good rate. This is starting to get pretty concerning.

Up north I don't have a report for you but that massive Iramian army is now gone.

To find out whether they beat the feet or not, let's take a look at discord.


[5:09 AM] Xanrick: lol
[5:35 AM] crystal green samog: I should have played a bullshit nation
[5:35 AM] crystal green samog: and not a fair and balanced nation
[5:44 AM] Xanrick: Chasos does seem pretty good.
[5:45 AM] crystal green samog: also U
[5:45 AM] crystal green samog: is broken as fuck hahah
seems like...not.