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Part 53: Turn 44

Turn 44

Ah fuck I failed to save the turn again. I'll just have to reconstruct it from previous ones.

It's been about 10 turns since Kitfox last lost an army to a throne so it's time for them to try again!

Well, oh dear. I look forward to their next attempt in another 10 turns or so!

If you remember from last turn, we were worried about that sailing force attacking the lizard province (at the top left in the screenshot) next as it's a weak target and a valuable source of nature mages. In order to protect it we moved just 5 enormous clowns, one turn of recruitment, in and the trap worked! We killed the whole force and lost only a single clown in the process. Scratch one magical pocket-ship! Sadly we didn't pick it up.

gonadic io posted:

Anglia's remote ghoul attacks start reaching out further and further, with two more provinces this turn including the crucial connecting candle itself. This time I do actually cut back on clown college dues for one month and pump up to 6 PD in all provinces that Anglia can reach.

Since last turn, Anglia's army went southwest and chose not to risk a fight outside of my cap. Given their reluctance to actually fight I think they're still not going to go onto my cap and will instead look to quickly take out the fort in Jessinka's Oasis. Thanks to our big ol' feet, clowns can get march over the cap and get there in a single turn. We use the move-and-patrol order so that we actually protect the fort instead of hunkering inside.

We finished some early alteration research which gives us mistform - a personal buff that reduces all non-magical incoming damage to max 1 point. It craps out if hit with any magic or on ~1% of hits (which can really screw you) or on a particularly strong hit, but it's fairly good at making air mages reasonably immune to PD hits. Weirdo The Unthinkable here is loaded up with the gear that we've been sinking our death gems into instead of making Dark Clowns, and is set to teleport into Anglia's lands. Time to get some raiding done ourselves! His script is air shield to beat bullets, mistform, some clown buffs, and finally astral shield and he should be able to easily clean up infinite numbers of militiamen.

Not much has happened in the mantis lands, our big triumphant force moved next to the throne and will attack this turn.

The unicyclist jousting tournament has started! It gives double tax and 50 gold a turn, and costs 1 pearl per turn to extend, so seems like a pretty efficient way of turning pearls into a bit of gold - you usually get 15-20 gold per gem spent when you dump earth or fire gems into it. Plus you get these great events (please ignore the seamless editing of the incorrect province name):

Finally, finally, we cast the best spell that clowns have. It's SO good. Bongo is an incredibly strong caster and gives us a bunch of access to magic that we didn't have previously while being a great fighter too. If you read no other screenshotted words in the whole lp, please, read these words.