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Part 67: Jokes Not Told: Master of Custard

Jokes Not Told: Master of Custard

The final national clown pretender is the other titan, the Master of Custard. An equivalent counterpart to the Master of Seltzer, this one instead generates air gems but is otherwise the same apart from the paths. Unfortunately A/F is probably worse overall just due to the lack of astral but if you have specific blesses in mind then he can be a good choice! You could get fun stuff like flaming and thunder weapons which do pair very well with the fact that every clown has 3 melee attacks and 1 ranged hit or even just attack/swiftness or some boring resistances.

I do NOT recommend doing what Mid did in the first domingler game and taking death explosion and charged body - I know it seems funny at first but it's just ineffective and you die very quickly so pass up your chance on telling the greatest joke of all. It's very plausible that you'd want to take astral here anyway but it's expensive to get much more than S5 (the minimum needed to forge the good astral boosters).

One strategy I did have a surprising amount of success with though is expanding with Sulphur Haze. At high fire levels you get a really big evocation area, evo 2 can be gotten really early with magic scales, and then you can in theory also have A1F1 twirlers gemcast phoenix power and spam it and try to invade somebody with a dozen twirlers on turn 12 or 14 or something. Not entirely convinced how good that one would be in a real game however.