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Part 79: Turn 67

Turn 67
Right, time to load up the turn and take some screenshots. Wait what's this?

Let's see what discord has to say about this turn:


[10:43 PM] gonadic io: wait what apparently I staled?
[10:43 PM] gonadic io:
> [3:50 PM] BOTdom-5-bot: Your turns:
> mods-3 turn 67 (6h 40m): Kirkostaculis (150) (submitted: X, 4/5)
> [10:04 PM] BOTdom-5-bot: Your turns:
> mods-3 turn 67 (3h 30m): Kirkostaculis (150) (submitted: X, 4/5)
[10:43 PM] gonadic io: either the bot is stuck or snek is
[10:43 PM] gonadic io: why can't the bot handle a broke game again? there's a timeout!!!

Apparently at 4 PM the bot told me I had over 6 hours left, then at 10 PM the bot told me I had over 3 hours left, then at 10:43 PM the bot told me that I had staled without submitting and it was turn 68 now. Shit!! What fucker coded the shitty bot again? Oh wait it was me I coded the bot. It, to this day, still sometimes gets stuck if somebody starts some game with a bad map.

Okay so this is going to be a mini update then, let's check my notes for what happened this turn:


Mind hunts didn't get anybody. Trying again.
Well this one we've seen before.


Jellybean finally died, rip. Long time coming tbh
What an ignoble death! Getting jumped on by a faerie queen and her bugs again, this time getting surrounded and not managing to make it out. It even happened off-screen, a clown can't get no respect these days.


forgot to put my god on returning, shit
Seems like Anglia tried to break out of that south-east cave fort we were sitting on. We won the battle, easily, but I had not thought to script my god to cast the spell Returning to bring him home and now he's still stuck there, for no reason.


1 turn away from thau 7 for dark skies. Really saving up air gems. Do I really want to throw my prophet into the arena? I think maybe not tbh
Not much to add here.

And that's it, that's the turn. Seemed like not much really happened. Only the best LP content here.