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Part 21: Turn 15

Turn 15

A message has arrived from Myrmecos! Often games will have somebody do a gimmick with messages although it seems to be reading Atlas Shrugged more often than not. Let's see what Kitfox's deal is

Moving on, last turn we walked into that province with 40-60 beserking dogheadded people. I was a little worried about it but we're starting to gather Pretty Decent numbers of Enormous Clowns now. I'm not quite sure why I included so many clown mages with this force, I guess I really didn't want my research to get too high.

For some reason one of the Cynocephalians came out on his own to great us and was met by a barrage of pies, not really sure what he was going for there.

The rest of the battle is pretty much what you'd expect, turns out that hellblessed and buffed giant clowns are in fact really good.

With that over with, the two forces slowly make their way down to the candle province in the southeast. You might notice the nearby throne with what looks like 120 human defenders on but I am so determined to be a public good and take down karanaac (and sick of doing nothing) that I decide to ignore it for now. A good example of this map being screwy is that the province Kirkostaculis there is not accessible from Sloth Meadows where the clowns currently are, so they have to go the long way around instead. Meanwhile Pongy failed to find any sites and is continuing his hunt.

Only one event this turn, let's see what cool shit our luck scales have brought us this time.

As for recruitment we're going full tilt - 5 enormous clowns in the cap, and 6 regular ones in the fort. Add that to 2 armless women and once again that's all our gold so once again we can't actually afford to build a lab/temple in the lizard shaman province. It is going to gives us valuable astral/nature mages, I really should get to it and get site searching with them too.

Down past Karanaac our scout has found Ssason'raha as U told us about. They're a heavy fire/air nation with lots of flying and magic claws, I'll do a post on them next. So far they don't seem to be fighting with Karanaac despite me being very clear in chat how annoying rocks are to fight once they get going. I don't witness it here but apparently Karanaac threw U off their cap and took the rest of their provinces.

Let's look at a commander I haven't talked about yet, the Big Hat

I'm honestly not really sure what the best use for these guys is. Without magic they don't make particularly good thugs and they have no leadership. Awe is a nice bonus but doesn't make enough of a difference to matter. I guess they're better than indie priests but the H2 clown mages are a lot better at blessing so I don't really get many Big Hats at all.
I guess their hat does get enlarged too, it's really big now. Probably about the size of a short human.

Our march to war should only take like 4 more painful turns and then finally we'll be in a war. Note that we're taking the long way around because I didn't want to block U off from sending more forces to their deaths and there was only room for one of us to take that route at a time.