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Part 49: Turn 40

Turn 40

Our Black Servant (yikes) scoped out the underwater throne by mantis lands. Jeez, either somebody has already taken a crack at this throne or Ramc really wasn't kidding when he bemoaned the lack of interesting UW throne defenders. The one in the east lake at least has some kraken but this has nothing! The three mages have a bunch of gems for water elementals but other than that it's just chaff. Also the spooky scout did not retreat successfully, turns out that even sneaky units need a friendly province to retreat to.

Our forces move back onto the last Karanaac fort and this time I will remember to 1) press the hold rear button, and 2) not let the jugglers anywhere near the front lines.

Our last few turns of recruitment killed the chasos indies trivially and will move on to the big candle on their way to mantis lands.

Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar arrived in the besieged Pymous Outcrop and as I pointed out last time, can't actually do anything. Given that I unlocked enchantment 5 a few turns ago I might as well cast one of the best globals in the game, Eyes Of God. Not only is it really good in its own right but it's also important that we get it up first (with an overcast) to lessen the chance of somebody else going for it and discovering our (busily used) construction site. Next turn we'll go over its effects. Our forces under siege are content to continue to sit here waiting for reinforcements for a few more turns.

Now I have never actually played an underwater nation (only Therodos) but I endlessly hear about how OP water elementals are with their massive regen and 4 crush attacks. So we're going to use them to expand underwater instead! We didn't get too many water randomed Beardless Ladies and we need lots of research anyway so we're going to take a few of them, ply them with gems and breathing gear, and they'll expand for us. My original plan was to use more than 2 and I don't quite recall why I decided to go ahead with this number so they'll probably need some reinforcements for the harder provinces like the throne. No I didn't test this in advance, why do you ask?

We also see Anglia have a shitload of Draconians? Huh. They're a regular summon and then the commanders can use the Call Allies action to get a few more of the troops. I guess Anglia had a surplus of gems and wanted some anti-mage troops?

Anyway it's a bit of a short update this week (additionally there were a few 5 gem events and our site searchers found nothing) but tune in next time when I take a screenshot of every site in the game!