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Part 60: Turn 50

Turn 50

Anglia raiding us, and our counter-raids, continue as normal in the various provinces around Kirkostaculis. It's pretty familiar at this point! It's a pretty good sign that Atlier is not trying to actually fight my forces and instead they're just going round and round in circles. At this point I'm not even going to bother posting the battle reports. It's 2 squads of draconians and one squad of clowns going in circles beating up 1 point of PD at a time. You can see that Chasos have taken the provinces that I ceded to them too.

Anglia once again refused to fight us and their two big forces joined up together. Their Ether Lord and companions are there, there's two of the air elemental royalty, some eagles, a few astral mages, some artillery/gun teams and basically zero foot troops. Those national foot troops are so bad at this point, just totally useless.

We're charging into them with our usual force of 50+ enormous clowns, three ancient clowns, about 20 bearded ladies and armless women, and of course Esteban himself. If they're not willing to fight us at this point, when are they ever going to? They can't take my cap without fighting this battle and their raiding isn't good enough to starve us out.

Fresh from the mantis fight we have 30 enormous clowns coming to help retake the throne of water. They're lead by Blood-Curdling who I'm pretty sure is our last Thirteenth Clown, who if you recall has heroic soul butchering. Feels like a lifetime ago we saw that. Pongy the Ancient Clown is also teleporting in to help them, having a holy 3 mage is always nice so we don't have to care about bless coverage.

Wait let's zoom to the top of that image. Lol looks like U bounced off that throne. Not particularly significant but we'll take our laughs where we can get them these days.

Talking of U, I manage to get them to commit to helping. They still refuse to go via Kitfox's candle (and Kitfox refuses to give their candle up) so I agree that U can temporarily take ownership of my candle so they can get to Anglia's lands. You can see how many connections these candles give, they're amazing strategic bottlenecks.

Talking of U, they're uh pretty big actually. They are starting to make progress through the eastern lake, and have absorbed almost all of the undead and Iram provinces. Iram is incredibly still not AI at this point.

With Eyes of God still up we can actually just look at the province graph. Anglia are still ahead while me, U, and Chasos are about equal now. Mantises have just about fallen behind Kitfox, who is busy Kitfoxxing. Iram is lower than Karanaac at this point.

Over on the Mantis side well since we have their cap it's just cleanup at this point.

They don't have anything that could be a threat or any money to produce it.

Well I guess some garbage tier mercs but whatever.

We just continue to stomp whatever forces they can muster. I mean just look at this battle, this is probably a thousand gold of size 5+ clown.

Going up against a single A1 mage, their prophet, and some shit.

The clowns buff up and the shit all dies very predictably. Now just to run forward and finish off the two casters easily.


Nope turns out that the clown bodyguards are under strict orders to absolutely never leave Pongy's side, and Pongy was just set to cast spells so spends 100 turns just alternating between jacking off and sleeping. The bodyguards occasionally obliterate a phantom that wanders over. After 100 turns or so everybody has had enough and with their long legs the clowns reach the edge of the battlefield first. Urgh. At least everybody makes it safely out. What was I saying about scripting better?

Oh also some knights show up in newly taken mantis lands and they cause more enormous casualties with their big lance charge than the mantises managed when we took their cap.

But it really doesn't matter, we're just sweeping up leftovers at this point.

Our cast of Transmute Fire gets us less gold than I was expecting but sure nice I'll still take it.

We hit Thau 5 this turn, a pretty big milestone. Soul Slay is an incredible battlemagic staple and will allow us to still pretty effectively toast Anglia's increasingly large summons. Gift of Reason is fun for shenanigans but I won't spoil what those might be. We are going to quickly grab Evocation 6 in 2 turns for the weapon that, when combined with Soul Slay, I am confident will turn the tide of this war. I'm very excited.

Finally this turn U cast Earth Blood Deep Well. Apart from sounding like an album of ambient cave sounds, it provinces a massive 20 earth gems a turn and shows that they're pretty far down enchantment research which, if you recall, they have a discount ritual site for. Is there anything that U can do with shitloads of earth gems in high level enchantment? I don't know I'm too busy fighting Anglia here to check. Probably nothing.