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Part 88: Jokes Not Told: Clown Sublime and Joke Book

Jokes Not Told: Epilogue
Let's take a one final look at the summon and the item that we didn't end up getting to see ingame. At conjuration 8, for a 5 astral and 3 air mage (not too difficult as these things go), for 50 pearls, we get:

Clowns Sublime are incredible. Absolutely top-tier end-game summons, no question at all. A5S5H5 caster with 5 awe, 30 invuln, immortality, flying, +1 inspiring researcher, and chaos power 2 (stat boosts from turmoil 3 and larger bless are included in the screenshot). If we had summoned a few of these the war with U might have gone very differently. As the funniest beings alive they really had a good chance of solving the question of the greatest joke of all. There's a very real argument to be made that I should have just bee-lined for these immediately and fuck the evo 7 and ench 7 that we ended up getting first. Plus very worst case they could have given a massive boost to my research while cranking out imaginary clowns. Between not reaching this summon and Bongo getting run off pretty much immediately our late game magic was seriously nerfed compared to what it could have been. Luckily I never claimed to be good at this game.

As for the item that we never made any of, the Joke Book at construction 4 is a nice research boost but the real issue I had is that it required A3H3 to forge which effectively meant that only ancient clowns or possibly clowns paramount with boosters could make it. I almost always had better things to be doing with those mages and those pearls for what is still a pretty minor research boost. For comparison, a skull mentor is +14 research for 10 death gems, and a joke book is 4 research for 4 pearls. The pearl cost is pretty low but the mage-turn cost was much too high for me.

And with that, that's really it. Show's over folks!