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Part 63: Turn 53

Turn 53

With our Mind Hunt engine online, it's time to watch some brains get reaped! We fired them off at the raiding force over in Karanaac lands.

Well, never mind then. We're crafting more and more magic penetration items which is going to improve things. The unharmed Anglian force just continues on to siege Karanaac itself.

But what's this? Do you remember that Karanaac got that event force of crabs and shrimps? The shrimps can't get onto land but the crabs can and this turn the Karanaac AI decided to do something about the occupying force and reclaim its homeland!

Hmm, well, not this time AI. Better luck next time.

We're just going to keep throwing mind hunts at the Anglian force - they don't have any astral mages so we'll get there eventually and there's not really any clowns nearby to form an effective fighting force anyway. I wonder what else Karanaac could use to attack the sieging force with?

After killing the Ether Lord last turn, the Ether Warriors were left leaderless and fell behind. Time to see if Anglia will fight us now.

Nope, they will not. Given our positioning I launch Jellybean here into Anglian lands to run around being a nuisance but our main force can't get too far away from our cap so it repositions northwards. Is Anglia ever going to fight us?

Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar does indeed obliterate 9 leaderless draconians. I guess it must have been the Chasos assassins after all! Illusions get killed by Eyes Of God so it's pretty brave of them to be walking through my dominion.

Okay this time he has some proper lightning resistance gear so I feel much more comfortable sending him into Anglia's main army. It's not in our dominion but given that our bless is mostly strength I'm not too bothered about it. His magic resistance is a little low for an army-killing god (24) but Anglia doesn't have any powerful astral mages left so I'm hoping it'll be fine. As I said last time, we can call our god back pretty quickly should the worst happen. The script is 2 more magic duels to finish off those last two astral mages, then to earthquake twice to clear up a lot of the shitty human chaff before popping back out again. Anglia have really shown little that's able to deal with this. I guess them spamming Petrify is probably a danger but e.g. Shatter certainly isn't due to its tiny range.

Meanwhile behind Kirkostaculis we clear up the last of the raided provinces and also collect a few more of those scattered enormous clowns while we're at it. Anglia has mostly stopped wasting gems on attempting to pick off these provinces which saves us both some clicks.

Underneath Kirkostaculis in the caves we continue to siege the cave throne Shattered Nap but Anglia sends out a King of Elemental Earth to chase us off! He seemed to be scripted to earthquake x5 which would be pretty devastating to human armies.

But, uh, clowns are not human. Even the smallest of clowns are size 3 with at least 25 HP so he swiftly gets surrounded by enormous boots.

All shall fall under the might of our comically large shoes. We continue our siege and just check in Anglia's fort next door there's not really much that might try to bother us there either.

Oop north we take the mantis force there which had the last of their mages in. These guys, even with so few of them, are still a pretty real threat to clowns when we don't bother with proper bless coverage like here. Fire shield does a real number on people with 3 attacks per turn.

Now I normally would have just moved this force south again but, uh,

Turns out some sea dogs had other ideas. Our great luck scales don't mean anything when we're several provinces away from our dominion! Because we took the fort this turn we killed any mantis defense and didn't have time to put up our own so the dogs faced no opposition. This turn's delay could be crucial! Maybe.

Finally our large numbers of fortune tellers pays off this turn with notification that there's going to be a People's Arena fight in a few turns! These are often occasions for people to show off whatever boondoggle thug shit they can throw together and the fact that casting is banned by forcing a magical slave collar on all combatants means you don't even have to really worry about some skelespammer turning up and timing the battle out.

There's just one...small...problem with People's Arenas in mods games. Cromleches from Karanaac have no item slots so can't be forced to wear a collar and so will happily turn up and just cast away. They're effectively the only thing that can just cheese the people's arena and we know for sure that Karanaac have some left. It was real funny when I did it to others, but less so when it's done to me.