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Part 36: Turn 29

Turn 29

Karanaac have a prophet announcement even though they probably only have about 3 commanders left in total. Of course the AI doesn't follow the naming gimmick, I really ought to finish it off before too long.

Once again we clear up the mantis' mess in our provinces. There was indeed no repeat of the PD trap and so our 20 normal clowns clean up a handful (looks like 6) of defence with ease.

The lizard province proves to be no trouble either once we had brought along an actual force and additionally our new (not remotely secret) weapon, thunderstrike! Sadly in this battle it mostly misses but in alternate timelines it could have easily killed a minimum of 3 lizards per cast.

Our force moving through the caves also runs into little opposition although it is unfortunate that an Armless Woman got sniped by a single lone arrow. That's what you get for not being a real clown I suppose.

The mantises retake the central candle but we've just finished moving through it so it's not a huge deal for now. Given its importance though you'd think I'd give it more protection.

Finally we get to see which of our undefended provinces the mantis queen has jumped to this time (I strongly encourage you to watch the whole gif before continuing to scroll).

Wow. It was a stroke of absolute genius to leave those forces next to Karanaac instead of breaking the siege. I'm so incredibly smart with my great plays that are indistinguishable from cowardly indecisiveness!


[9:03 PM] gonadic io: I killed the mantis pretender, now they lost all of their incarnate blesses...oh
[9:08 PM] Xanrick: Did you teleport clowns onto it, or just get lucky?
[9:09 PM] Xanrick: Catching high mobility commanders like that is always a chore.
[9:12 PM] gonadic io: genius predictions
[9:12 PM] gonadic io: I will ensure that my previous LP turn says I'm moving there because I'm 100% convinced I'd catch it
[9:12 PM] gonadic io: because, uh, my current notes from last turn don't say that

To further top it off we get to see the ants lose a massive army taking a throne this turn! I've been trying to encourage Anglia to fight them (and them to fight Anglia) but haven't really had much luck, maybe this will help.
Kitfox is incredibly unfortunate here since they assembled a very hefty force of armoured tramplers and then it turns out the throne defenders were a flaming arrow caster and 150 horse archers!

The fire cuts right through the beetle shells and then despite some good trampling, the water elementals finished them off. Ouch. That is also the worst and least armoured of the ant troops I have no idea why they're using those.

As for our movement we've taken back all our raided provinces and are moving forward triumphantly! In the caves:

In our own lands (ignore the fruitless site searching going on):

And onto Karanaac itself, despite all the mantis reinforcements. I mean we just killed their god how could they possibly beat us now? Sadly we don't have gems so can't thunderstrike but our 60 enormous clowns and lots of (not thunderous) lightning/arcane bolts are surely going to be good enough!

Taking a quick peek at the undead we see that Chasos managed to take the fort completely and are presumably marching on the cap again.