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Part 54: Jokes Not Told: Gigantic Clown Head

Talking of, in lieu of a proper update just yet, it's time for another instalment of Jokes Not Told!

This time let's look at the Gigantic Clown Head

The gigantic clown head is a great expander with large amounts of HP, good natural protection, a good path, and it even swallows everything it tramples. It's pretty hard to get this killed early (although certainly possible if you get unlucky) and chaos power 2 and flying means that even in the midgame it's a terrifying combatant and will happily use Cloud Trapeze to swoop into backlines (preferably against enemies with turmoil). However like most expanders it's not cheap to start with, and with only 1 path and a whopping 80 points to get a second (a third is right out), it leaves you with a pretty weak bless. Options would be thunder weapons, or thunder weapons and fire/shock resistance, or just swiftness (with or without regeneration), that kind of thing.

I mostly decided against using the Gigantic Clown Head for two reasons: 1) with the right bless and with the buffs, clowns already expand really well! I mean turning "really well" into "exceptionally well" is certainly nice but it's a lower priority than on nations that just have total shit expansion and can't get off the ground without an expander. 2) Rocks. Without magic and fire resistance and magic weapons on the bless, even enormous clowns struggle against rocks. The nation of Kirkostaculis themselves aren't so bad because magic duel/soul slay goes a long way but I didn't want to be weak to rocks until that point.

All in all if early expansion is what you want then the Gigantic Clown Head is an extremely good choice.