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Part 46: Turn 37

Turn 37

Unfortunately this is another turn which I failed to save, so no screenshots. That's pie on my face for sure.

gonadic io posted:

There was no sign of mantises in Karanaac's lands, so this turn we're going to continue onto the last Karanaac fort: the one besieged by wild dogs. There's almost certainly some very powerful rock mages inside and if those dogs ever tried to get inside they would all die. Fortunately the rocks are totally unable to do anything about the dogs just sitting outside, being locked down like this is so frustrating when you're playing them.

gonadic io posted:

The mantis AI had nothing patrolling here, and apparently very little inside because we broke the walls down in 1 turn. We're going to storm asap because there's a large mantis force on our tail that took Blue Glade, the bottom-left province in the image.

gonadic io posted:

We kicked off the mantises from our fort in the caves and then went north to go into the back of mantis lands and force them to deal with one force at a time.

gonadic io posted:

The undead went AI this turn, pour one out for the main thing keeping Chasos busy. Now they're free to fight either me or U (them fighting Kitfox's ants isn't really a consideration). To make matters worse this small clown raiding force bumped into a large Chasos force and got obliterated. What I had forgotten last turn was that almost all of Chasos's forces are invisible on the map and so it was impossible to see that they actually had a huge army next to me. The magic weapon (but small) clowns did manage to kill quite a few illusions but at the end of the day this was never a force meant to beat anything more than PD.

Finally there's an arena battle! This was revealed to me 3 months ago by a fortune teller but I completely forgot and had not prepared any equipment, shit. The few bits of thug gear that I had forged were all on the Impossible Clown that got stabbed to death last turn, double shit. I decide to go all out though and send Bleak and Juvenile, a fresh-out-of-academia Ancient Clown. I give him a bit of trash that I had lying around from events and then a bunch of gems - his instructions are to magic duel (with S3 he'll likely kill any non-pretender), and then to thunderstrike. Unfortunately with no thaumaturgy research I can't use Soul Slay so I don't have huge hopes for his survival.