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Part 9: Turn 9

Turn 9 hell yeah dudes

The messages. The events sort of spoil that we win the fight as you only see events spawn on provinces you control. But hey Phelegra is sending us a message?

What the. We didnt bump. Discord suggests this is a global message for ???


@ewie I think you have me confused with someone else because we've not bumped nor are even near each other AFAIK

that was a global message i think
since i got it too

Anyway the fight isn't even close.

See? The Knights are real good.

Anyway let's see the events.

I just took this and I doubt it had more than 1 or 2 of my candles to start so not important.

Into an oyster, huh I don't really thin- haha oh sweet gems yeah this is probably moral (ACAB)

can i have a price check on one earth gem on ONE(1) earth gem

The overview. We are expanding well now and even have some new neighbors.

We have Ulm over there to our southwest. They aren't aquatic at all so w/e. They will probably eat up this coast before me though.

Ulm is played by known game maker Kremath. They are a good nation. They are Teutonic themed or something. They sport troops with heavy armor that hit hard, along with mages that can increase resources in the fort they are in making it easier to hire more of their heavily armored troops. They have some mean national spells too that basically equate to fantasy shotguns.

And look over here. We have... elves.

Eriu is played by Libluini. They aren't super relevant at this stage because I cant really lunge on land with this and wouldn't want to. Eriu is a land of Irish elves who love air magic and nature magic but mostly air magic. Their sacreds are good but probably too spendy. You can make some pretty cool thugs with their horse riding elf wizards but that is more fun than optimal. They kind of move from that to storms and thunderbolts in the midgame and in the late game well they struggle mostly.

Taking these guys and heading north to mess up some shamblers.


Including this new guy- a pearl mage! They can't go on land but they have some good path potential. They are W2S1 mages with an extra pip of astral, water, air or nature. They can also do the pearl cultivator trick turning 3 water gems into 3 pearls. They tend to start old, though.

I am hiring a MERE SURFACER commander on my land province so I can try to fort it. I have some coast-fort-only recruit options as Pelagia.

The orders overview. The fort is coming along so I am moving one of my huge Triton Kings over there to make a temple. I don't have a lot of free sacred temple builders yet (any sacred unit can build a temple) so he is it.



Ganjdalf the Purple
get owned elves
pd is op

bread bread
i ahve been defeated
but ill be back
with more elves

its elfs