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Part 15: Turn 15

Turn 15 now.

Some research, a completed fort, some fights.

Conjuration 2. Summon Water Power, castable only under water, increases your water caster level by 1 when used. Thrilling, I know.

Alteration 1 home of powerhouse underwater spells like, uh, well these are mostly buffs.

Jotun got a new prophet... but they didn't rename? Boo! Booooooo!

In the first fight we evaporate some dudes.

And in the second fight we evaporate them even harder. Those floating red numbers used to be a solid line of shamblers.

we got some events lets see...

Wonderful. Magic clams!

This is less cool. My prophet-led blob is cutting through this province next round. If the attack pops then odds are my army creams them. But there is sometimes a few-turn delay before the attack hits and I am not going to wait around.

The turn overview.

I am lunging for land near Nazca. We'll see if we can get another toehold here.

Hey wait some new jerks over here.

giant jerks

Jotunheim is played by s0veliss. It is a nation of giants who honestly always seem to die real early in any game I am in in EA and MA. Giants have lots of HP but tend to have bad attacks per square. I think you need some specific setup or luck not to get rolled by a savvy player. You do get skelespam wizards and can summon the BROOD OF GARM with n2 mages which are cool sacred wolves with like 30hp and fear. They can't get underwater in any force quickly unless they are some sort of madman with a water breathing bless so they aren mostly irrelevant now.

oh my god those god titles jotunheim

Anyway I am expanding to the west. I am also building a fort next to Phaecia as a staging ground to hitting his underwater stuff safely and sustainably. My god is... reading books still. You wait. He'll do stuff one day.