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Part 17: Turn 17

Turn 17!

A few fights and, uh, well it looks like those tritons attackers and won. You can tell because the event announcing it has the indie flag instead of our own.

I got some research advances here. Eventually evocations will be real good above water.

We attack the hobbit province above and these are the dudes you can hire off it if you lab this place up. I already have earth and nature access though so they aren't a priority.

They are tiny dudes with sticks sooooo it isn't going to go well.


Okay now it is time for that underwater province. Let us find out what a wailing lady is already.

Huh ok. Some Ermor lore here. Pretty cool, pretty cool. ok wait "Wail 999" tell me more

save or die AND fear

Also it has some items?

A +4 defense charm and a DEATH POISON item. Well shit ok she can in theory delete 2 units a turn, has high defense and is ethereal so she ignores non magic attacks 75% of the time what will we eve-

gg motherfucke- hey come on at least give me the serpent amulet!!!! at least my prophet gets the +4 cat charm. Also the cat charm flags you as a lady even if you are a dude and this matters for only I think seduction.

So anyway events!

Sweet I love gold.

I think this costs us about 60 bucks.

Checking out the triton attack- 10 points of PD does not cut it.

The overview. I predicted nazca hitting that other prov correctly. I am moving the land stack back to consolidate and hit the north ichythids while diplomancing at nazca.


anyway I have a lot of extra dollars after hiring the normal round and the mercs are up so

I WILL OVERPAY and use them to invade Phaecia. Ha ha ha!

Consolidating the north army while moving more dudes up. I am gonna ping that throne too see how bad it is. Underwater thrones are a joke as a rule, but lets not be too cocky.

I actually seem... very rich unsurprisingly. With you know, the super ocean.