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Dominions 5

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Part 18: Turn 18

Turn 18

We have some stuff going on here. A few fights but NO SITES sigh come on.

Conjuration 3 lets us summon lesser water elementals! Some other stuff but elementals is the draw for an early conjuration 3.

The fight is pretty ok-

Not even worth screenshotting.

I ping the throne. It doesnt look scary, just two w3 mages. One has some swag:

This isn't super intimidating. I will probably move my eastern army westward into this.

Events are...

...ignorable. My dom is pretty secure.


Overview! Nazca is cool with my land holding so I move a guy up there to make infrastructure. I will expand west in the north of the sea too.

Shipwreckers will immediately backstab Phaecia. Nothing personnel, kid
I check and that site in the province is +2 earth gems. No idea why I can see it but I can.

I will converge here, then maybe hit that island to the west then go YET FARTHER west to the throne.

More mercs are available! I bid.

I am moving dudes around going to patrol on that one event from months back. And of course I am expanding still.

expanding f o r e v e r