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Part 20: Turn 20


how are u
so this map was designed for at least 2 aquatic nations right
and then somebody switched last minute?
b/c ramc is going to have like 50+ underwater provinces to himself

Considering I see two different nations that aren't Pelagia UW already
I doubt Pelagia is gonna be uncontested
Also maps designed for Phaecia always look water-heavy because the map maker has to generate an island which is obv. surrounded by UW provinces.

the answer is even sillier
cartographic generator is supposed to have a number of nations divisible by 4
but we went to 13 players last minute I guess so game runner moved to a 16 player map but just made UW starts
for the other ones
I'm not sure how seriously pelagia can be contested UW if I push it anyway
good news UW means mostly irrelevant

they are on to me

Turn 20

No research but we got some sites!

+1 Air gem per turn!

+1 Nature gem per turn!

Ok so now the fights.

First on the island near my cap! My forces.

And theirs. They are made up of these sorts of guys:

Vine men are not too strong but they have unbreakable morale so that's always annoying early.

These guys will probably not be much. If we needed to break into nature they are ok. (we don't)

And these guys are fun because their blow guns have a poison that does 50 fatigue damage and being at 100+ knocks you out so...

Also hey check out this hero dude. With the full bless- 25 defense 30% regen hello
For some reason he has lucky now in combat. Noone cast it on him and none of his EQ grants Lucky so maybe he has some special innate hero thing where he is Lucky in fights? Sweet if true.

Anyway we cream them.

Next fight is the continued adventures of mercenary backstab crew

Who can actually self bless and is a legit thug with my bless???

Anyway he didnt put another pile of PD and gets rolled easily with no losses.

The next fight is kind of a rematch vs coral poison spike tritons but this time we have regen active.

It makes a big difference.

OK events now...

Someone in Gilged is an incredible narc.

Nice nice wait isn't this a repeat

The overview.

Ok my fort is set up near Phaecia and it is upgrading as we speak. Also I am hiring a scout or two out of it while it is half done to get more eyes on land. Another fort is almost up in that region too and infrastructure is being built. I hope you love infrastructure spending.

Down here I try to get eyes because I want to see if Asphodel is after Phelegra or something. We also see Nazca has a fort up. Gilged is due for a triton attack any day now too. Ugh.

We are now consolidating a big war party to hit this throne- including my god. I don't -expect- him to contribute a lot to the fight with my current research but he will be claiming the throne when we win, assuming we want to claim it.

Betrayal doesnt come cheap. I overbid because I have a lot of spare cash and because Phaecia is a really rich nation. It was this or start a fort on the land zone near Nazca but I didnt do that yet because I don't know if Eriu will try to knock me off the land.

Overview of orders. Once I finish in the northwest, I will probably move my prophet group east toward Phaecia and send a different force (probably the throne assault one) slowly north to pop that giant amber clan province because dang that is a lot of them.