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Part 26: Turn 26

Turn 26

The new turn! We have an ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE!

Hm. I guess these dudes be fighting. There must be a story behind that huh. But also they don't tell me how much it costs so I have no idea if this is an incredible deal.

Another +1 Air gem is ok. It floats!

And +1 Nature gem.

These prophet names are both real good, imo.

We strike out on land! This looks... one sided.



We sustain pretty minimal losses. The wave warriors did most of the work it looks.

I ping this phaecia underwater province. Almost nothing there. Probably 50/50 he puts this up to 30PD this turn but it wouldn't be a good idea. I mean he might still do it.

As I ping Phaecia, Phaecia pings Asphodel in turn. The bramble fort walls are neat. This doesnt look too scary for him and he can probably take it. Also Phaecia is in the process of taking a second cap. Not ideal!

On to events-

the single air diamond meme

Someone call Aquaman.

This does nothing for me.

Ok so the overview-

We are expanding ok so far.

I can secure a pretty good chunk of land up here it looks so I WILL. If you look up you can see that Phelgra has moved a huge stack back on the Jotun cap.

We are moving to attack more of UW Phaecia.

A gnarly throne and oh hey is that Shinuyama over there?

It's Shinuyama, folks! Played by Ari this fantasy Japan nation populated by :checks note: uh goblins is kind of a low tier nation I am sad to say. They have some individually powerful elements. Their premier mage has some pretty great paths... but he is old... and expensive. They have some pretty impressive bakemono samurai dudes with r45 longbows.... but they are spendy in gold and resources to mass. They have amphibious troops... that are okay... and an active liability on land. Their less important mages are nothing to write home about path-wise and don't have any sacred troops. You can summon sacred Tengu but not really with their native paths iirc. It kind of limits your flexibility in nation design. Any bless you take is only going to be largely applicable to your 400 gold old man mage. You are probably better off just taking an awake god to maybe avoid a rush or praying for the best and imprisoning your god for fabulous scales. None of this is super powerful but you could get lucky.

I am gonna try to buy a wizard merc.

In my final orders I am moving to hit those upstart tritons in the south. This rebellion is in its last throes. I am upgrading my fort in the Naz-Eriu zone because noone seems to care I'm there which suits me fine.

meanwhile at the bar where everyone complains about indie attacks...


my fort got attacked by barbarians this turn
and then also i got the event saying knights are goiung to attack it, soon

great another 300 fire giant thralls up in my capital rocking my can

burgundy samog
i've got a bunch of ulmish tin cans on horseback standing outside my cap
very angry

how are u
@samog you may be getting indie attacks but you obliterated that van army
skeletons strong

always more slaves
it's a phlegra life

I've had like 6 indie uprisings
It's fucked up

Good to know I'm not the only one getting rekt by events

Shinuyama gamers are rising up!

I got demons in my cap circle on turn 5
And those 145 barbs are always a cool story