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Part 33: Turn 33

Turn 33


I don't know what C'tis scales look like but 3 turmoil is a hit if they went scales(lol) but you only need 4 thrones to win this game so that's 25% of the way there. Those bonuses are pretty wild on it though. Lots of discounts and +1 caster ritual level could be... bad.

TC went AI after that disaster fight vs Ulm. Seriously considering a land invasion of China.

+1 pearl a turn.

Time to dunk on some amber clan finally. The hippocampi are freespawn and there to screen. Please appreciate my mage names.

Behold! The face of undersea total war.

behold the majesty

20% regeneration. Multiple death forms where it just gets smaller instead of dying. And they crush everything.


My god gets really into it and goes off script casting school of sharks for no good reason. I love the description of the shark though.

I'm gonna go ahead and call this a success. We probably didnt need THAT many elementals.

I hit the Phaecia tough PD prov with more water elemental casters with thematic names.

A few elementals and troops beeline the backline.

And crush them!


We ping the throne province. There are 2 hydromancers with no swag but are like W4 casters with lots of W gems so I decided not to go in with my army yet. Even though it is probably a 90% win chance here maybe they will spam water elementals. We are in no rush and our god army will catch up soon enough.

Phlegra storms Jotun cap with a lot of archers.

His sole defenders are a de-equipped thugs, the skratti and the god.

The god is for real though. The Imirnsul is a nightmare chassis for fort storms. He heals 38 hp a turn and probably cannot be conventionally killed by this army. Imirnsul is absolutely notorious for this.

The non god units get cleaned up.

Then uh stuff gets weird. These two units here just never move again and I'm not 100% sure why some sort of weird sleep thing? bad replay? Bug?

The fight times out and e v e r y o n e d i e s god included. The next time the place gets stormed it is RIP for real.

The indies attack.

... right into my army. Extreme RIP

Battle fright probably not important in someone who will only ever see combat if something goes insanely wrong.

We need to bulldoze all these ruins. For real.

My scout who witnessed the Ulm battle perishes as the AI patrols him out.

So with Jotun almost totally sewn up Phelegra is now moving in on Ulm. GREAT AI TIMING TC. I move my scout over there to get some eyes on this in the hope of some fireworks.

My god army will refresh gems at our fort-in-progress and approach the throne province from the other side of the undersea. Then we will pincer in on it.
Also there is a horror in Mari's cap circle thats great I love it.

Phaecia's UW presence in this ocean is no more. Ladies and gentleman, we got 'em. Next we will clean up the remaining indies then maybe build some passive aggressive infrastructure down here so we can launch way less passive aggression.

Orders overview. Moving some units to the TC coast to snap up some free real estate from the AI. Godspeed, Marignon. RIP to a real one.