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Part 43: Turn 43

Turn 43-

True Fact I never actually look at the bottom of the report when storming or defending against a storm before I click on the fight and will hold my hand up to obscure it just so I am not spoiled, I am superstitious about this one particular thing I'll put it at the bottom.

Enchantment 5. Famous for horde of skeletons. I have no death mages.

I got another one.

+1 pearl site here.

OK first fight on the list is us spying on Ulm trying to throw TC off the siege of the latter's former capital-

Ulm has their favorite attack formation.

TC has random AI madness look- a pig! Inspired by the Pig, of course, for you Journey to the West fans.

So there is no icon for it but all fights are now taking place under the Storm state so that usually means augmented thunder strike, fly dudes can't fly unless they have storm fly and 50% of all projectiles fizzle or something and goodness knows what else.

50% of iron blizzard spam is still a lot!!

Some TC cavalry rush right up and the brilliant targeting AI of Ulm wizards spams their wide AOE missiles right into the middle of their own stuff. Friendly fire owns. Are storms bad for precision too?

Eventually they get back on task.

Also lol this one cant fly and has to slowly crawl forward.

TC flees and the smiths keep up their fire. They are awesome, honestly.

This was probably more costly than Ulm would have liked but TC really can't keep this up anymore.

Next up Eriu(???) is sending thugs to attack me and I guess raze temples???

Look at these thugs. Eriu bog standard.

They clear the minimal PD.

We clear out the last of the C'tis presence in our ocean.

The surviving Phaeacian thug goes back on to land so we don't catch him there.

But you are here for the main event.

OK so we are making a storm attempt here.

The defenders of the fort. (the wolves are already hurt because of the season change. Their maxhp goes up and down with the seasons.)

Water elementals rush forth while the winter wolves run through the walls which they can do because they are ethereal.

They... summon a lot of air elementals of course. Air elementals are storm-power actually and have stat boosts with perpetual storm up.


My elementals get hung up on the wolves and acid rain mostly targets and misses them. I think storm is bad for precision.

I summon one(1) air elemental of my own. At first I thought this was an enemy one right in my backline and was none too pleased.

One elemental gets through gets hung up on the chaff and gets stunned oh hey uh fire elementals huh ok

This is not ideal. Air elementals all over and my troops are making no forward progress because they love to try and stab the ethereal super elementals.

aaaaaand everything falls apart...

So yes this battle was pretty much a total disaster. Howareu and Jsoh were gleefully reposting battle reports and score graphs showing my loss and the dip in the army graph. That's fine I continue to tell myself as I rock back and forth, furiously rationalizing my bad choices. While I've been weakened in the theatre it ultimately isn't weakened in a meaningful fashion for winning the game. Phaecia will probably break siege but with perpetual storm up they still can't go anywhere and they might be emboldened to send armies underwater in their own limited way where everything is a whole different ballgame. I don't need anything over there to win the game but taking Phaecia's cap would have been useful.

I think I knew in my heart of hearts the storm would end poorly but sometimes I don't listen to my heart. My brain just has to, when the stakes are low i tell myself to make myself feel less owned and destroyed, push things a bit to see where they break. Somewhere Albert Wesker thinks about BATTLE DATA and nods from the depths of a volcano.

...well any good news?


OK, that's great, but for serious clean my torture chambers this is embarrassing.
i am embarrassed

that's nice i guess


How will I ever deal with those Eriu thugs.

Nazca is massing near the throne here. Not great if true.

C'tis is sitting on the Vanheim cap I see. Sounds about right.

I start kitting out this cool guy to be my prophet when I can make a replacement one RIP to JUST YOUR POSTS who will be taking all of the blame for the fiasco in the Pelagian media.

Orders overview. I am holding off on my overland march a turn to summon a bishop fish to go along instead of my god as it was rightly pointed out by a wartime consigliere that if I lost him on the march that would be i n s a n e l y b a d with storm falling as a result.