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Part 44: Turn 44

Turn 44

Enchantment 6

Thug hunt... the most dangerous game...

RIP a real elf

This does NOT sound like an elf name however. He probably hired an indie commander to dilute the target pool. This is a valid tactic.

And he lives. No attacks. They either snuck back on land or are sneaking about underwater.

+1 earth gems. Are the crabs made of rocks?

Fight wise we have this harassment from Phaecia to deal with.

Nifty one of the guys has astral 1 making mindhunting more dangerous but not impossible. The free water gems from the water lens make for sustainable elemental summoning over a long campaign.

The strategy is straightforward.

And effective enough vs PD

Phaecia breaks the siege on his cap. Fine. I didn't even want it.

Phlegra hits Ulm on the coast I plan to beachhead on with this cool thug. I think he is handle-able though.

Ok events-

Break a mirror for good luck.

Less fortunate, this.

Explicitly unlucky.

Oh but that's nice

I am not really putting up a fight for this one. It has little strategic value.


I begin to go for it. I kit out my army

A glorious thug who I will almost never thug with b/c thugs are foolish and wasteful.

I have a howl caster with a cornucopia for lots of free n gems for howl. Cornucopias are insanely good for howl armies. The bonus supply is nice too.

I am gonna try to reap his brain too because I don't want to deal with him if I don't have to for a few pearls. You might say why don't you just solve all your minor problems with mind hunting to which I say OK yes totally i will

For now- a lot of frozen heart spam instead of summoning elementals.

IN OTHER NEW uh Naz took that throne that sucks man that is a lot of birds. Not ideal. If they attack my fort I can probably push them off it though. I will need to get through this pile to get the throne but I have a LOT of sacred troops around here.

I shuffle troops around Phaecia and react to harassment. I risk a mind hunter on the wizard stack because I have lots of S2 mages now. What's a melted brain between them.

My orders. I am building a fort UW next to the C'tis throne because maybe I can take THAT one if need be. Maybe it'll be softer than Nazca.