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Part 46: Turn 46

Turn 46

Seems busy.

We have Enchantment 7!

And it has something I'd like to cast!

Knock it off!

A dead elf. That's both of those assholes now.

Someone had astral with the saurowraith. Possibly the saurowraith himself.

+1 pearl a turn and some gold to boot. We love pearls here.

+1 earth. Cave diving is way dangerous.

More elves! Heroic thugs, even! No astral on them however.

Phelgra added PD to the 0 PD prov alas.

Our traveling army moves to kick AI Marignon off Phelgra's fort on our way to the throne.

This is what they have it's a pretty AI setup.

The mari Sacred and the bless.

The bless is kind of bad. It is like two half-good ideas bolted together unhelpfully. if you have death explosion you want fire resistance or else killing one unit sets off a hilarious chain reaction.

Like so.

Most don't get close because of paralyze and frozen heart spam.

But some do make it to my wave warriors and several do die finishing them off.

Not that bad though.

Phelgra sends a force to knock Mari off the fort. You thought it would be Marigonon but it was ME! PELAGIA!

Ha ha they don't even explode at all!


The wind callers back underwater again.

We retake a province the wind callers had taken.

Phelegra cleans up my land holdings in Jotunverse. Fine.

And Phaecia mops up my TC area land holdings. I don't care we've got a half crustacean band.

C'tis eats westward to consolidate their aqua-borders.

Phaecia clears his cap circle with... his god oh hello

He has the same thug setup and he has a s1 mage riding shotgun. A mind hunt probably wouldnt do anything anyway this deep in his candles with that MR.

Phaecia is feeling confident, but to be honest what else can they do with sailing disabled?

It's like when you get socks for christmas

Be nice to sharks!!!

Oh fuck offffff


Looks like C'tis is still laying siege here.

Gonna brain melt me some elves.

Behold this poor brain melted disease pearl mage.

his brain don't work!

Doomed to spend the rest of his life insane, but that life may be short INDEED as he will soon waste away from the sea plague.



THERE IS. For one* easy* payment of 49.99* nature gems all health problems can be solved.

Back on the overland march I bank right to avoid bumping Marignon's stack.

The orders overview. I am mostly just containing and managing the undersea attacks as they cant really extend to anything dangerous or important yet. Some temples might get razed but I can afford to make more when things are more stable and I am making a game winning lunge soon besides.