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Part 47: Turn 47

Turn 47

Feeling attacked here.

Thaumaturgy 6 home of Enslave Mind.

let the healing begin

Gift of Health (GoH) grants bonus HP to all my living units in my candles. Roughly +10% per candle. Also it grants recuperation-like healing checks (Except they work for old units) every turn with the chance scaling with candles I assume. It's really really good.

Also all mind hunts fail.

A new prophet. The prophet of ending turns.

Phaecia pings a throne. Everyone there is crawling with curses and horror marks so it is probably--

This throne here. Good to know. It's real powerful if you have blood access.

Saurowraith terrorism continues.

We take back from Eriu. Stupid elves!

Phelegra takes back the province left in the wake of our exodus using this ok thug.

OK exodus party time WHO STANDS IN OUR WAY??

lol ok

RIP. onward to the SEA!

Ulm attacks the Jotunheim cap now held by phlegra with this thug here.

This is sort of a lot of dudes for a guy with no regen to handle though.

The dude blows past the troops to attack the back line but...

He goes for the EXTREME back line slave mages while the real wizard and the commander sit a bit more center and the other troops are able to catch up.

It's not a good scene and he is blinded by the wizard. It's a fire spell!

Sun Tzu has some vague but interesting things to say about this.

They're just marbles!!!

I mean its just a scout. He's doing his best!



GoH is up too so check this out.

Love that bonus hp!

The disease is cured!

I am gonna ping nazca here.

Going back, I see that this saurowraith has a load bearing global and no astral so...

I am gonna try to fry him. his MR is pretty good though.

A lot of my forces are in a holding pattern as I approach the thrones. Will we secure throne 3 next turn???