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Part 52: Turn 52

Turn 52

Ugh. Okay. Let's go.

Enchantment 8. I am not really in a position to leverage most of these right now though and I shift to construction 7. Maybe I can make a golem.

They refuse to die!!!

They're back.

The shield tyrant is back too, I see.

Clearing the island.

A wind caller eats an arrow trying to kill 1PD. A loss but worth it!!!

I am taking my little bay back!

More Phaecia chasing.

And more saurowraith terror.

C'tis pings a throne.

It's guarded by Your an Earth Mother. This isn't a terribly scary throne as T3 guard setups go.

How many ruins are there. How many could there possibly be?

What the...

Misfortune scales!

What a great nation to live in.

Oh wait a good thing???

It is not very useful but it is very cool.

I patrol out this jerk.

Noone picks it up but this is what was causing it all. As a time paradox note as of a patch on 5/14 BVCs are now 'less deadly' whatever that means.

He got his dudes in to help siege. You can also see my income vs upkeep is making me pretty poor for the moment. Kind of feeling the pinch of all these incursions.


Mindhunting and retaking territory taken by Eriu's raiders. My troops no longer are trained on the throne so fuck all these guys in my sea.

A warning shot across Nazca's bow. This is diplomacy.

Moving armies around. What I need is a massable counter for the dang saurowraiths. Worst to worst I could probably evacuate my god if things get bad in the north sea and push back in. That would be extremely undesirable though because giving up a throne to C'tis is potentially fatal. What I have really isn't working anymore though.