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Part 58: Turn 58

Turn 58

Looks like we are 100% on the offensive here.

Cyborg Prince Eric- Revengeance moves into theatre in earnest.

Princess Ariel is here.

and she is pissed off

Before equipment is even factored in she has 90% regeneration while underwater and takes half damage from physical weapons. Add the blessing of the shroud with Awe and another 10% regen she is functionally invincible underwater barring save or die effects for which she has pretty decent MR against. The biggest problem is, as ever, slow UW map movement.

I clean up Cyborg Prince Eric- Revengeance's equipment list. He gets the ironskin helmet and, my favorite, the shademail. Now this giant fuck-off golem monster can sneak.

stealth mode engaged

Committing 30-40 wave warriors to these assaults is basically free.

And he isn't resisting?

Nor here.

I ping the eastern side of the island and noone is there.

Meanwhile for events

emerald lake what the fuck

I get patrolled out of the monolith underwater throne WHICH SHOULD BE MINE but let us take a look at these guys

The god of Ulm, Feed me Ulmites. Behold his paths and his never healing wound. His paths seem weirdly low, 3 instead of 4. I wonder if he was destroyed and had to be resurrected at some point, losing path.

His prophet is here too. An axe of hate, huh?

15 point poison vulnerability? Cute.

Good thing about the 15 poison res bless then, I guess!


Overview. C'tis concentrated his dudes on one half of the island.

I make a deal with Naz to trade my D gems from my scummy torture room floors for some water gems meaning i am treading D for pearls in essence, if I cared to convert them.

Phaecia found a +d site on the eye beach province he took accidentally that I took back. How nice!

OK with his forces concentrated I absolutely need to fuck up jsoh and kick him back out of my fucking ocean.

My first draft of orders

I end up swapping pretty much every water mage to living water casting and one of my astral dudes to cast light of the northern star for the +1 s boost battlefield. My god will spam air elementals augmented by storm and I even set my 1A closed realm bless soldiers to summon storm power -> air elemental summon. My god will also cast mass regen for the about 150 wave warriors I am bringing to tank. ALSO Cyborg Prince Eric- Revengeance is is ready for The Only Thing I Know for Real- BATTLE.

Normally I would think in this situation Jsoh might move his guys back to regroup but he built a temple here so I think he intends to stay and maybe build a fort and I really can't have that. I am pretty sure I can roll him with summons. I try to destroy his retreat prov on the island but I push my other armies out so he could escape to the southwest IF you know he sends troops to clear my 5pd


jsoh was talking about making crystal coins with ferrus so I make a bid to steal him.

The overview. I am gonna try to kill this dang jsoh and Ideally regain my footing. I have a lot more troops coming to back me up. Maybe I can reverse this and put his own coast fort under threat.

Next time: You're gonna see some shit.