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Part 60: Turn 60

Turn 60. Apparently the turn update image did not take. Weird but lets piece this together I guess.

My two mind hunts at the Eriu forces did not take either. This is a professional operation here.

I gift of reason the saurowraith, who is now just at base paths (3D) and lost his old samog name. Weird but hey! Still good!

The end result of horror marking.

I love that for some reason this happens in the middle of trackless ocean land. what are you even doing out here?

thanks for the RP

More pushback on C'tis.

The Eriu raid province is reclaimed.

Phaecia is breaking the siege of indie trolls on their fort, let's see.




They even have a king!

Phaecia has a ton of d2 necromancers here that suggests he is hiring them from some sort of site that gives him access.

An F2 adventurer. Event maybe?

We got skelespam. We got fire elementals.

You can see air elementals and some orb lightning even. It randomly arcs through the lines, hitting friend and foe.

:cam clarke voice: nice shot

And more fire elementals. The lines get really all mixed up here.

Those little blue tripods are the air spell false fetters, setting defense to 1 until the unit breaks free of their 'chains'.

Ultimately the trolls can't deal.

Here Ulm fights off an indie attack from the mist covered highlands. Ours never spawned an attack. Well. Not YET.


Valid fear.


Deal with it!!!

Several mages die off from the original bane venoming by Nazca. One day...

Yhe GoR'd saurowraith immediately goes on the hall of fame. OK??? I didn't even get a chance to change his name!

The overview!

I summon one of these I want a non-god nature caster of some worth.

Eyes on C'tis throne. Some kings of deeper earth and tarts. Great. Good. Ughhh

I want eyes on that throne!

My scouts are trying to get some idea of other events.

The defense of their new throne.

Some recovery.

We are going to be oppressing Marignon while pushing carefully toward the C'tis coast here. I want some thrones!