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Part 72: Earth: What Have They Got, a Lot of Sand?

Earth: What Have They Got, A Lot of Sand?

Mountain Survival
Welcome to Earth blesses we are starting on the ground floor here of Mountain Survival. It makes moving through mountains cost 4 less movement points for your sacreds and also make them less likely to starve in them. This only costs 1 earth bless point but it is pretty niche. It depends on the map which more than likely you are going into blind on your placement so GOOD LUCK I GUESS. There are no other 1 point earth blesses so maybe you will end up with a weird remainder.

For 2 earth bless points your blessed sacreds gain 1 point of reinvigoration, which lets you recover from 1 additional fatigue per turn. You can even take it multiple times to stack with itself. It's a good bless all around for wizards- it lets them cast longer- and soldiers- it helps offset encumbrance that eventually tires them and get them killed. It isn't flashy but it is just low key good.

For 2 earth bless points you end up with the option to take this weird bless where your sacred inanimate statues (IE- you are playing Agartha) can recover HP without a lab being in the province. It helps preserve your units from being worn down in an extended campaign and at least it is pretty cheap. Agartha even gets bonus earth bless points they are BEGGING you to take this bless off the lot.

Strength of the Earth
For 3 bless points you can gain the STRENGTH OF THE EARTH which is just like the blood version bless where you get +2 strength and can stack it with itself. It also stacks with the blood bless if you want to go like earth 6/blood 6 and give all your sacreds +8 strength that is kind of a lot to be honest. It's a good, honest bless for cracking skulls. Not flashy, but not bad.

Things get a bit more interesting here. For 4 earth bless points your blessed sacreds gain 75% resistance to gaining afflictions. Whenever a unit takes damage they have a chance to get a permanent injury (an affliction). The chance is roughly equal to the %% of their HP they lost from the strike. Unbreakable will help prevent attrition on your sacreds and also help your expander god avoid getting the otherwise inevitable limp and chest wounds.

Fire & Shock Resistance
Ah, the good stuff. For 5 earth bless points and an incarnate god you can get Fire and Shock Resistance (Sometimes referred to as FSR for short. You know it is good if someone acronyms it. Or so bad it is funny, I guess.) FSR grants the blessed 10 points of both fire and shock resistance. This is pretty great because those are the most common forms of elemental damage. It's cost effective and a lot of expander god chassis have earth it feels and this helps avoid them getting stun locked by an A2 hill wizard or fatiguing out because a random wizard summoned a fire elemental. Recommended bless. Very good.

Hard Skin
Another good bless, Hard Skin is an incarnate bless that costs 6 earth bless points and grants blessed troops +5 natural protection. It's relatively cheap and helps all-around with the survivability of your sacreds. Natural protection stacks with extant natural protection (but not invulnerability. uh don't try to stack this with stygian skin). It's cost effective and pretty good for an awake expander god.

Fortitude costs 8 earth bless points and is incarnate of course. What it does is blessed sacreds half all physical damage. It feels a bit spendy when you can get some pretty good value damage mitigation from the other incarnate blessings though. Half damage- and also the +5 protection from hard skin, obviously synergize well with blesses that punish people for striking you or not killing you outright (your fire shields, your regenerations).

That's earth. It's sort of blandly effective and low key good but nothing really world shattering. Though.... it feels like there was one other earth bless? That I'm missing? Maybe it got patched out yep that must be it. That's definitely every earth bless super for sure.