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Part 75: Prophet Names

Alright everyone so the most important choice you can make in Dominions 5 is giving your prophet a funny or cool name. If you don't do it everyone will know you for the fraud that you are. There is no higher shame than forgetting to rename a prophet.

Aha the colossal head meme. Very good. This god's titles make him sound like a cool guy to hang out with.

The TC Ivory Tower keeping it in theme. I judge this to be good. I am sure there is some cutting commentary to be had here between the god name and the titles.

Burnie would have fun. The Lord of Penitential Torture is an incredible title.

C'tis has such pure admiration here I can't fault it. His titles are certainly present.

im not going to google this reference but at least he is nice to the dead

Oh my gosh Vanheim on the one hand those epithets rock on the other hand you didn't rename your prophet surely he will be consigned to dust and deserves no other fate.

'yomi voice' g how to rename a prophet
lord of bricks lol

Et tu, Nazca? Come on guys this is IMPORTANT. Also you can't be the star of the sea that's my job.

How does he feel about the fate of Hard Brexit? I guess his dudes must love writing in the dirt.

Thank you for joining us for our special update- Prophet Motives.