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Part 80: Mu. has a story to share.

Ramc posted:

Mu. posted:

picture this: a militia man, squaring up to the colossal head. the militia man is wiry, energetic, itching for a fight. he's probably in his early twenties, and still figuring out what kind of man he is and his place in the world. the colossal head is a giant stone head. it weighs like 20 tons. it's over 2000 years old and it doesn't do anything at all. the militia man winds up-- and he punches the stone head. he punches it hard. i mean, this guy, he gives it everything, he gives it everything he's got. as his fist connects with the stony surface of the colossal head, his hand instantly shatters into a hundred pieces. you can really hear it too, as it breaks into bits. it's this wet crunching noise. the militia man himself, he doesn't scream or cry anything, he just makes this really sad sound. it's not quite a wheeze and it's not quite a whine. it's like when you step on an old balloon. just this weird kind of drawn-out squeak from somewhere in his throat. and then he just falls to his knees. what's the moral of the story? there's isn't a moral to the story. the guy just smashed his hand to pieces. there isn't a moral. it's not--it isn't that kind of story. listen, i'm done talking here. i'm done talking. just, get out of here. get out of my face already. we're done here.