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Part 2: Crocodile Cauldron (With Simply Simon)

Happy Monday folks! I'm hoping to keep a schedule of a video every Monday with maybe some bonus stuff in between, so we'll see how that works out. Have a video!

I flicked around with the audio a bit, tell me if you guys think the audio levels are better. We had a bit of an... interruption near the end but we liked the commentary we had so much that we decided to hide it as best as we could. So if something might sound weird near the end that would be why

02: Crocodile Cauldron (With Simply Simon) Blip

Crocodile Cauldron could be your standard lava world, all the levels could just be volcanic areas full of lava and fire enemies and fireballs and shit. Instead we get some nice variety here! I mean, there are two levels that are volcanoes, but they don't overstay their welcome ( least one of them doesn't). We also have diamond mines and even another ship stage! Despite my voicing of how I don't like Lava Lagoon the idea behind it is pretty cool, certainly not a cliche platforming gimmick as far as I'm concern. The mine levels are easily the high point for me though, not just cause of the great music but it's all just so pretty. It's a mine level that manages not to be dull! How cool is that!! This is the last world with warp barrels which will be shown off in some shown offy video later down the line. Also the first appearance of klubba, what could he be hiding in his golden barrel of secrets......................


we don't have much in terms of new musical selections, but what we do get is pretty good.

Hot Head Hop: This sure is a lava stage! Did the massive amounts of bubbling not get that through your head yet? The bass is heavy as hell in this track, very appropriate I find, and the synth does a good job in keeping up the main melody. It's surprisingly mellow considering it's, well, volcanos. One may say it's actually quite relaxing.

Klubba's theme: Hey it's the opening theme again!! Uh, really, that's all it is.

Mining Melancholy: AAAAA THIS SONG I adore this tune. Everything about it oozes talent, you got chiming tools used as instruments (which as i've stated in the video simply melts me), little interludes of a rockin synth, humming, and a fantastic breakdown. JESUS. Fun fact, David Wise loved the melody he used for this tune so much he used it again in Rockface Rumble in Donkey Kong Country 3. ALSO with a little bit of audio editing both tracks blend together quite well

ok that's enough out of me