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by Metroixer

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Original Thread: Donkey Kong Country 2


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Welcome to Let's Play Donkey Kong Country 2!

Donkey Kong Country 2 came out in 1995, one year after its predecessor. In that one year Rareware managed to make a game that captured the hearts of monkey fans everywhere, sporting a bigger world, an excellent soundtrack (all hail David Wise), Bonus rooms with a point, more animal buddies, and even a running theme (pirates!). It would be known as one of the greatest platformers on the Super Nintendo (an opinion I will probably drive into your head for the entirety of this LP) as well as having one of the most memorable and diverse soundtracks you could find in a silly nintendo platformer. I'll be running through this game and getting 100 percent, which means getting all the bonuses and DK coins. I'll have alternating guests, I may open up to those who request to guest but no promises. This is my favorite platformer on the SNES, and if you've never seen it before, I hope you end up enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy playing it (then play it you jerk!!!).


don't be a rude dude i guess. i know spoilers for an almost 20 year old game is kinda silly to hide but still put it in tags if you can. also there's a particular glitch i am really interested in showing off and experimenting with so it would be cool if that would be put in a minimum discussion zone til then.

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  • 01: Gangplank Galleon (With FreezingInferno)
  • 02: Crocodile Cauldron (With Simply Simon)
  • 03: Krem Quay (With Samurai Karasu)
  • 04: Krazy Kremland (With Uznare)
  • 05: Gloomy Gulch (With Gameboyhero AKA BrokenGameboys)
  • 06: K. Rool's Keep (With FreezingInferno)
  • 07: The Flying Krock (With FreezingInferno)
  • 08: Lost World part 1 (with SloppyDoughnuts)
  • 09: Lost World part 2 (With StanlyCoober)
  • The End (With FreezingInferno)

  • Bonus GBA video! Blip



    Unpronouncable has been speedrunning the worlds as I've been going through them. It's pretty cool, he shows off the warp barrels in the first two worlds which means I don't have to do that d(o_o )z

    Gangplank Galleon
    Crocodile Cauldron
    Krem Quay
    Krazy Kremland
    Gloomy Gulch
    K. Rool's Keep
    The Flying Krock

    DKC2 soundtrack

    Toffile uploaded his copy of the DKC2 CD, it's cool and legal to download it and the music is great, so go ahead and download it you weirdo

    Glitch videos

    After K. Rool's Keep, forums member Buh got creative and decided to share his(?) exploits, this was the result.

    Get Rambi to the end of Barrel Bayou
    Clapper's Cavern backwards
    Rattle Battle dickery
    Arctic Abyss without Enguarde
    Getting squitter past Web Woods target
    Golden Instruments

    Rambi Kong Country 2
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