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Part 4: Krazy Kremland (With Uznare)

Buh posted:

Metroixer: which emulator program are you using? I think the self-rotating barrels glitch in Barrel Bayou only happens in ZNES. Snes9X handles those barrels the same as a real SNES.

I'm not sure how hard it is to switch at this point... just wanted to give you the heads up before you reach  Klobber Karnage  and enter a world of misery. The glitch pretty necessitates a save state every 2 seconds.

Do not worry! I have had this warning to me, i will approach it smartly.

"smartly" may be subjective

eh, it's monday somewhere

04: Krazy Kremland (with uznare) Blip

Krazy kremland is a really fun world! The carnival stages are a blast to play through, as a kid I remember going through rickety race a countless number of times. The speed you feel as you play through them is comparable to the burnout of today! I mean you even take down other karts and everything! We also have bramble scramble and Mudhole Marsh, both are the best of their types of levels personally. Especially bramble scramble, I can't think of many levels that put in horizontal and vertical movement so smoothly with little to no gimmick to speak of (I guess squawks would be the gimmick?)! That being said, I'm not the biggest fan of the hive levels, compared to the other ones they feel really slow and sluggish. I mean, they're not bad, but they're not great either. They're just kind of... there. I guess having king zing sting surprise you at the end of rhambi rumble is a nice holy shit moment though! The boss fight itself, which I didn't talk about too much, is actually really tough. King Zing moves around very fast, and since squawks is kinda weird to control you don't have much of a chance to react to the bee zooming around. There's also the fact that you can't really see him most of the time, because of the game's low resolution I guess. As a result you sometimes get surprised by the boss as he pops out of the screen out of nowhere. Once you make him small though he's pretty much a cakewalk.


Flight of the Zinger: Okay, if anything at least the music to the hive levels is pretty rad. It's this cool tense tribal tune that really gets you going. Which... is strange since the stages themselves tend to be slow. I suppose it's meant to have that "heart of the hive" feel going on... literally. Almost might be a theme to an alien or something, and considering the weird sentient dominance zingers seem to have in this game I wouldn't be surprised if they were aliens!!! Also the name of the track is just great, flight of the zinger!!!


D. I. S. C. O.