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Doug's Big Game

by Robotnik DDS

Part 10: Pick up the new Beets CD:

Doug Fact: In "Doug's Big Game", there are three Quail-Powerups that you can find hidden in the levels by pressing the B button in certain hotspots:

The Quailman Protector can double your health level when fighting an enemy in the Quail Zone. Look around Doug's room for this item.

The Quailman Power-Izer can double the effectiveness of your Quail Eye Beams. Look for this item somewhere in Mr. Dink's garage.

The Quailman Addifier can double the amount of Quail beam energy that you or Quaildog can bring into a boss fight. Look around Doug's kitchen for this item.

And now, another Doug Funnies based on the mission Pick up the new Beets CD:

BONUS: A Japan only virtual pet called Virtual Patti was released at the height of Doug's popularity. In it, you can raise and train your own Patti Mayonnaise.

It is a Windows game around five megabytes and can be downloaded right here (right-click save as). Feel free to share advanced strategies or tips about the AI system in this thread as well. I've been playing for three days and my Patti is only at level ten!