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Part 7: Hit me with your best shot

Hit me with your best shot
Developments! Intrigue! Questionable uses of force! Orlais is arguably the most powerful nation in southern Thedas. Once upon a time they invaded Ferelden and it took a lot of effort to push them out. Now the two nations are theoretically at peace but they certainly aren't friendly. Val Royeaux is the capital, more or less Paris in the not-France of Dragon Age. The nobility is obsessed with fashion and backstabbing one another. The Chantry is officially headquartered here.

Once you complete this mission you get access to four new squadmates. I'm recruiting them in the order determined by our poll but it doesn't matter as far as gameplay goes. If you're effectively speedrunning the main story you'll need 4 power for this mission and 8 to unlock another area to find a companion. You're not required to recruit anyone beyond the starting 3 you get in the intro, but I can't imagine how boring that would be.