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Part 23: Stop dragon my heart around

Stop dragon my heart around

Crestwood is now completed. We find the answer to the question "Where have all the Wardens gone" and fight our first dragon. This was a pretty sloppy outing, and if it hadn't been for the silliness of what happened with the Druffalo I would have done another take. Dragons are the only critters in the main game that drop tier 4 mats. Apparently there are more in the new DLC but that doesn't come out on PS4 until May 26th. They have 5 separate targets (each leg and the head), and multiple attacks. Leg/tail swipes, a breath attack, a bite, and the wingbeats. This one is pretty much babby's first dragon. The one in Hinterlands is worse, as it will call in sets of dragonlings to fight as it takes damage. Some generate guard, and the worst one does both.

Alistair was a major character in DA:O. You could have him be a Warden, the King, a drunk, or dead at the end. Also if you played a female you could romance him and end up marrying him to be Queen. He was pretty snarky. Some people thought he was a whiny bitch but I rather liked him. In order to become a Grey Warden you have to drink a big cup o' Darkspawn blood, which gives you the power to sense Darkspawn. If it doesn't kill you outright, anyway. The other side effect is that it poisons you and after a couple of decades you start to hear the Calling. Once that happens it means your time is drawing to a close and then Wardens will go off to die heroically, usually in the Deep Roads where the dwarves live. But it seems like every Warden is hearing the Calling simultaneously now, regardless of how long they've been Wardens and are freaking the fuck out. With no Wardens, the next Blight will have no way to be ended and the world would be fucked. Whether this is Corypheus's fault remains to be seen, but it's not good. And we get the (not) surprising revelation that the Wardens are turning to blood magic to fix shit. Because in Thedas, when things are bad the obvious solution is to make it worse