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Part 25: Sand in your craw

Sand in your craw

Here we knock out Hissing Wastes. The video is a bit long, but I didn't want to split it into two < 20 minute episodes. A lot of people skip this area entirely. You can get some pretty decent stuff for doing it, namely purple accessories and good schematics. The Serpent's Rage axe is good enough to carry Cassandra through the rest of the game. I slapped some fade-touched on it that causes enemies to explode on kill for 70% weapon damage. That isn't a proc, it works every time Expect to see many corpsesplosions in future videos.

Fairel was a Paragon, which are a big deal to Dwarves. The official story is that he died during a war underground touched off by the very stuff he invented. As it turns out he said see ya and took his house to the surface where they built above-ground thaigs, a thaig being a dwarven stronghold. His two surviving sons split the thaig between them and as dwarves are wont to do ended up warring with each other. It's not explained if the survivors went back underground or just died off/became regular surfacers, but the whole thing is a big secret.