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Part 33: This workplace contains 9,723 OSHA violations

This workplace contains 9,723 OSHA violations

Here Lies the Abyss. All of the plot missions have pretty names (trivia: they are all phrases found in the Chant of Light). We see what the Wardens are doing, and none of it is good. They're trying to pull some ugly-ass huge demon through a rift which we thankfully interrupt. If you are a dick to the first group you come across and attack instead of talking to Clarel, you'll have to fight Wardens in addition to demons. Alistair is with us and like Leliana in the future has no health bar so he can't get killed. You can have Hawke come with you too but we really don't need her so we send her off to protect our soldiers.

We're able to convince Clarel that summoning a giant fuckoff demon may not be the best idea in the world and then Erimond has to go spoil the party. Also pounding an 800 year old fortress with big rocks may have caused some structural issues, but we didn't factor that into our clever plan.