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Part 42: Robbing the cradle

Robbing the cradle

Chatting with friends and stealing ancient artifacts. The chest-farming trick is an old and honorable one in DAI, and the Cradle of Sulevin is verdant. The Revenants can be difficult at lower levels/higher difficulties so you may want to bring 2 tanks to hold aggro if you're attempting it early. The sword you get is pretty baller. Too bad you couldn't ask Dagna for a particular weapon type.

I have the first episode of our last unexplored area recorded. It's not my favorite area and I've done the majority of it off camera because it's really repetitive. Also we're 10 levels above most of the enemies so we're not even getting XP Not that we really need it at this point.

Wyld Karde posted:

The Lucius encounter is one of the moments that make we wish for Mass Effect style conversational interrupts. His monologuing just seems to go on so long I want my Inquisitor to roll their eyes, say "For the love on Andraste this is taking forever" then stab him in the face.

Cassandra might not approve, but it'd do wonders for my temperament.
Actually I think she would approve