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Part 45: Dorian's dad is a Republican?

Dorian's dad is a Republican?

More companion stuff and doing the Samson sidequest. We tackle Dorian's personal quest. His dad was kind of an asshole but since he seems contrite we get them to reconcile. He decided to engage in the Tevinter equivalent of conversion therapy. Also I was a forgetful dipshit and didn't tell him about the letter but Dorian gives us a pass. Butts also engages in some cognitive dissonance. I could've played it totally surprised but I think it's funnier this way. And we get in a couple of judgments. I feel bad about Ser Ruth, she's the only one of the Wardens that goes "that was fucked up and I should be held responsible." If you don't exile the Wardens you can forgive her in the name of Andraste and put her to work. We put Servis to work, though turning him over to Corypheus is kind of a hilarious dick move. And we get a magic butan to pres when we finally face down Samson.