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Part 65: Spirited away

Spirited away

Thanks to a rather large patch that hit on the 3rd we're no longer doomed to run about Skyhold in beige long underwear. There are quite a few choices. Naturally some of them are kinda ugly, but any change is good at this point. Since the new outfits don't count as armor you can't re-tint them. Sad. In order to trigger the Golden Nug you have to load up a completed game, and then it will be visible in the undercroft. Then log on to any other character and all of the stuff you've collected across all saves (as in recipes, schematics, thrones, banners, decor etc) can be synced up. The nug will also appear in Haven, so you can really break shit from the get-go if you're so inclined.

We take on Cole's companion quest as well as Sera's. I've done Cole's both ways and to me it seems like he's happier as a spirit. For all his playing at human he really isn't and he's less able to do his spirit job if you decide to go the other way. People can see him and he can't make them forget so now they're all aware there's a weird kid running around Skyhold. Sera's quest is surprisingly short and not very involved. There was more going on in the Verchiel thing with the jackass noble. But it's just harmless fun so why not. If you don't go along with things you lose approval and also sound like you have a stick up your ass. I guess this works if you're doing a run as an uptight jerk.

We also have a disagreement with a big lizard, which takes care of all the dragons in the game (unless there's one in the new DLC that drops Tuesday).