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Part 66: Nugment Day

Nugment Day

Bit of a gap between updates, I was playing through Trespasser and MGSV needed some sheep Fultoned. I show off some of the operations we unlocked, Butts gets her turn getting judged and we have to blow some stuff up. Also Solas's AI is apparently out to get us. Descent is fun to play, but kind of shitty for LP videos since it's just running around caves and fighting shit after Snake, er Renn dies until you get to the end. As such I'm going to wrap it up in the next video so we can get back on track with the plot and actually finish the main game.

Still have Bull's personal quest and Cullen as well, although his are just chats. I keep trying to talk to Bull to get it to trigger, but no luck yet. Hopefully it's not bugged Our approval should be fine so I don't know what the holdup is.