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Part 69: Ding dong the witch is dead. Or not.

Ding dong the witch is dead. Or not.

It's off to the Arbor Wilds to try and stop Corypheus from getting to the Eluvian. All the allies we've made come along for the ride and we kick the shit out of what remains of Cory's army. Then he gets blowed up and comes back from the dead and it turns out he's not looking for an Eluvian at all but something called the Well of Sorrows. Not ominous-sounding at all, that.

The game kind of shits itself here. In other places we've had special elfy dialogue to respond to elfy things but at the Temple of Mythal I guess the writers forgot all about this fact and we're just as stupid on things as a Qunari, which is why I brought Solas. He'll elfsplain to the Inquisitor about all the stuff inside.

It's truly a race now to see who gets to the end goal first and there's also the nagging problem of how we actually deal with Corypheus if the motherfucker can't be killed.