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Part 70: Open the door? Get on the floor

Open the door? Get on the floor

Continuing on in the Temple of Mythal. Mythal was the ancient elven goddess of justice and by all accounts, one of the more reasonable gods. The statue of Fen'Harel seems to baffle Morrigan, as he's noted for fucking the deities over and locking them away. Maybe they were on better terms once.

You can not ally with the Sentinels, in which case the ones you run into inside are hostile in addition to the Red Templars. You also don't get the shortcuts opened by the guide, but it's still not that much out of the way. Still, these poor guys only exist to protect the temple and every time somebody breaches it a few more of them kick off. Kind of a shitty existence. Morrigan flips out and runs off without us trying to keep Abelas from destroying the Well.

And the bit about Tevinter not destroying Arlathan is a major shake-up of the accepted history of Thedas. Tevinter supposedly kicked elven ass but turns out they were just picking over a dead carcass at that point. If you bring Dorian along he's all "wait, what?" Not surprising really, since it's the victors that write history and Tevinter isn't exactly known for being humble.