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Part 78: Blowing a shaft

Blowing a shaft

Taking out the Qunari operation. Hopefully this will slow down whatever they're doing. They also smuggled a bunch of explosives into the Winter Palace. Our soldier, while funny, is a bit of a cock and it would have been nice to be able to dress him down for it. We haven't been an asshole and we shouldn't let our people be jerks either. So much for hoping this was just an isolated incident. We get a lead on where the Viddasala is and so it's back to the Eluvian for us.

We also get some interesting background on elves and dwarves. They may have lived on the surface once upon a time and got driven underground by Mythal and Elgar'nan. If they were the "children" of Titans and the elves were bleeding Titans for lyrium to make them even more godlike it could have resulted in a war between the two groups. Something caused the dwarves to lose their connection to the fade and magic. It's all very suspect.